Small Scale UHT | HTST | Aseptic Processors & Fillers

Product Applications

UHT and Aseptic Processors

For Sterilization and Pasteurization of:

  • Milk & Milk Drinks
  • Plant Based Beverages
  • Protein Shakes
  • Ice Cream’
  • Yogurts
  • Puddings
  • Sauces
  • And More!

HTST Pasteurizers & Aseptic Processors

For Pasteurization and Processing of:

  • Juice
  • Beverages
  • Teas
  • Coffees
  • Concentrates
  • Isotonics
  • Smoothies
  • And More!

Pasteurizers & Sterilizers For Other Products

  • Baby Foods
  • Invert Sugars
  • Creams
  • Media
  • And More!
"AI Series UHT/HTST Processor "

NEW A.I. Series


MicroThermics’ new, easy-to-use, “AI Series” UHT/HTST lab processing lines eliminate hours of equipment operation per day. With the push of a button, it automatically conducts its:

  • Start-up
  • CIP
  • Transition to product processing conditions

It then notifies the operator it is ready to process product. Its intuitive interface provides detailed insight into the process through a variety of available displays, easy to understand alarms and event notifications. Once processing is complete, CIP is easy with high CIP velocities, and CIP timers. Then a fully automated shut-down is conducted with the simple push of a button.

UHT/HTST Product Development Series Equipment

Development Series

Our R&D processors provide unequaled flexibility and process precision for HTST and UHT processes. Available with tube or plate heat exchangers, they are often used with many of our options such as:


  • Additional hold tubes and/or coolers
  • In-line homogenization
  • Ultra clean fill hood (for sterile fills)
  • On-line/ real-time troubleshooting
  • Customizations to make a lab processing line for your products
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Steam Injection Series Processor Equipment

Steam Injection Series

Our award winning DIP Series (Direct / Indirect Processors) are our most powerful research processors. With this equipment, you can simulate virtually any indirect, or direct production process with little product, but excellent precision. They have all of the process capabilities and flexibility of our indirect systems, with the added capabilities of direct steam injection and vacuum cooling.


Combined with our available options, we can create a full laboratory processing line for your products.

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Veros Series UHT/HTST Processor Equipment

Veros Series

Veros Series UHT/HTST processors reduce R&D costs and time! They offer:


  • Commercially accurate process conditions
  • Small batch requirements
  • Simple operation
  • New lower cost


They can process products ranging from isotonics & juices, to dairy beverages and ice creams. They feature PLC controls, and multiple process configurations. To provide a more complete process, they can also be combined with a variety of options including our in-line homogenizers, and Ultra-Clean Fill Hood.


Our clients quickly and easily make production quality samples, reducing development time. They quickly progresses from product concept to market ready products while avoiding the expense of multiple failed plant trials or even the expense of a pilot plant and its associated support staff.

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BioPharm Series Processor Equipment

BioPharm Series

Our small-scale UHT and HTST production equipment creates higher quality, more consistent products than batch processes often used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Thus, they are often used for R&D and production of a variety of growth media, as well as high-value/low-volume products such as extracts and other products containing APIs.


These processors are available with a wide range of options and flow rates of up to 10 LPM depending on the product and processing conditions. They are custom built with our clients’ needs in mind such as: easy and fast operation, “cleanability/sterilizability”, process data recording, integration with existing equipment and cGMP requirements, and more.

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Aseptic Laboratory Fillers

Aseptic Laboratory Fillers

With models for 250 and 500 bottles per hour (BPH), these fillers can be integrated with our laboratory and small scale UHT, HTST and Aseptic processing equipment to create a complete laboratory aseptic processing line.


The use of these fillers enables our clients to truly simulate the entire production process and fill into consumer style 250 mL or 500 mL plastic bottles.


Featuring Commercial Grade:


  • Automated sterilization of filling chamber
  • Continuous sterilization of bottles and caps
  • Continuous bottle filling in sterile atmosphere in your lab!