• An HTST process that yields a 5-log reduction of bacteria
    • Typically conducted at HTST temperature ranges of 72°-91° C (161°-196°F)
    • Hold times typically between 15 and 45 seconds
  • Products are filled into clean but not sterile containers
  • Products are sold refrigerated and have refrigerated shelf life of approximately 3 weeks
  • Benefits of Pasteurization
    • Reduces need for preservatives
    • Preserves freshness, flavor, nutrients
    • Commonly available at co-packers
    • Can be used for wide range of products
  • Disadvantages of Pasteurization
    • Products MUST be refrigerated
    • Relatively short shelf life

Commonly pasteurized products

  • Yogurts
  • Puddings
  • Liquid Eggs
  • Milks and Dairy
  • Orange Juice
  • Fruit Punches
  • Drinks like lemonade or lime-ade

MicroThermics Miniature Plant Trial Services

Let us do the processing work for you! We’ll even help you select and develop your process. Miniature Plant Trials are conducted at our facility where you can formulate and process products at conditions. With our Miniature Plant Trial Services, you can arrive with a concept and leave with a tested and proven formula.
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