Electra Series UHT/HTST Processors

Electra Series Cabinet Seen Above With Full Processing Line
Our Electra Series UHT/HTST processors are all electric, indirect, R&D processors featuring our smallest cabinets with a sink. They are very easy to use and the most accurate means to simulate commercial processes. This enables you to quickly and easily move from R&D to production while eliminating costly failed plant trials.

With a cabinet measuring just 1 M long, these processors can do the work of multiple pilot systems in one small cabinet. They utilize our proprietary Hold Tube Bank and Jumper Panels. These features, along with our automated Set-Up Guide, enable your researchers to run an extensive range of processes, including:

  • UHT Processing
  • Low Acid Aseptic Processing
  • Available Up/Down Stream Homogenization
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL)
  • Continuous Cooking
  • Starch Hydration
  • HTST
  • Hot-Fill with and without hold tube
  • Pasteurization & Ultra-Pasteurization
  • High Acid Aseptic Processing
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL)
  • Custom Process

Our clients use them for:

  • Formula Qualification
  • Ingredient Qualification
  • Taste panels
  • Trade shows
  • Shelf-Life studies
  • Other Custom & Basic Research

Not just easy to use, these processors are truly easy to own. With a flow rate range of 1 to 3 Liters per minute (depending on product and process), most products are run at 1 LPM. They feature durable design and materials, automated set-up guides, intuitive touchscreen controls, Clean-in-Place (CIP) cleaning, and Sterilize-In Place (SIP) capabilities. This means they require little downtime for maintenance.

This ease of ownership, accuracy, and ability to process products at a wide range of conditions makes them invaluable R&D tools.

Our Electra Series has several models to choose from to fit your needs. Depending on the model, the products they can process include (but certainly are not limited to):

  • Plant-Based & Dairy Milks
  • Protein shakes & Nutritional Supplements
  • Yogurts
  • Gravies/Cheese Sauces
  • Puddings
  • Juices, Teas, Coffee
  • Juices with pulp
  • Apple Sauces
  • Fruit Concentrates
  • Smoothies and more!

These processors are only 1 part of a complete laboratory processing line. For a full line, pair them with our options such as:

  • Custom hold tubes
  • Alternate heat exchanger styles
  • In-line homogenizers
  • Ultra-clean Fill Hoods
  • Automatic Fill Controls
  • And more!
  • Mix/Batch Tanks
  • Custom sensor arrays
  • Custom unit operations
  • Aseptic Laboratory Fillers
  • Utility support

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Length: 40” (1. M)
  • Depth: 32” (.85 M)
  • Bench Height: 38” (.97 M)
  • Height: 68” (1.74 M)
Please feel free to Contact MicroThermics, Inc. for more information and queries regarding MicroThermics Processor Equipment. We have Special Discounts Available for our Customers and have our distributors in Europe, Thailand, and Japan. Email info@microthermics.com or Pick Up the phone and schedule a call for top-rated UHT/HTST/Aseptic Processing solutions.
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