Who We Serve

Food & Beverage Industry

Hot Fill, Low & High Acid Aseptic & Pasteurization

Rarely do our food research clients need to run only 1 type of product. So, in addition to accurately simulate production processes, we designed the flexibility to run a wide range of products, at a wide range of processes right into our equipment.


With unequalled success, our equipment is used worldwide to make production quality samples of beverages, juices, soy-milks, protein shakes/smoothies, meal replacements and even deserts like puddings and ice cream.


Whether you are hot-filling, running a high or low acid indirect aseptic line, or steam injecting our equipment provides precision processing and flexibility to run multiple products accurately at multiple conditions.

Dairy Industry

UHT, Aseptic & Pasteurization Processes

MicroThermics’ equipment streamlines your product development, dramatically reduces development costs, and gets your products to market faster than ever possible.


As the leader in process simulation for dairy processes, our equipment is used to make production quality samples of; milk, flavored milks, cream, ice cream, yogurts puddings, and more!


Whether you are pasteurizing your products, or running a steam injection aseptic line, the science and technology behind our designs enables you to process multiple formulations quickly, and go directly to the plant with a working formula.

BioPharm & Biofuel Industries

Sterilization, Pasteurization (HTST), Viral Inactivation

Some industries have been slow to adopt continuous flow thermal processing because it was not feasible due to equipment size, or sterility assurances. However, as continuous flow pasteurization and aseptic processes have evolved, MicroThermics has been at the forefront of developing small-scale equipment, and this is rapidly changing.


Today, we have clients using our equipment to produce:


    • Extracts for cancer treatment medications
    • Sterilize microbial media, tissue culture media, and biofuel stock
    • Sterilize solutions used in medications and other medical applications
    • We also provide equipment for Viral Inactivation!


Our equipment has enabled our clients to increase their products’ functionality and yields, reduce biological failures, and virtually eliminate variability of product quality. They have decreased their risks, and costs at the same time; A winning combination.