What Is UHT / HTST Processing

High Temperature Short Time (HTST) and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) are temperature ranges at which you can process your products. HTST processes include pasteurization, high-acid aseptic processing, and hot-filling. Low-acid aseptic processing is a UHT – Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization & Sterilization process. Finally, Extended Shelf Life (ESL) processes are performed at the HTST or Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization (UHT) temperature range, depending on the product. Your product, shelf-life, and storage needs will determine the process and temperature range to best fit your needs.

  • HTST and UHT refer to temperature ranges in which processes are conducted.
  • Common HTST temperature range: 80°-110° C (176°-230°F)
  • Common UHT temperature range: 136°-149° C (277°-300° F)

MicroThermics Miniature Plant Trial Services

Let us do the processing work for you! We’ll even help you select and develop your process. Miniature Plant Trials are conducted at our facility where you can formulate and process products at conditions. With our Miniature Plant Trial Services, you can arrive with a concept and leave with a tested and proven formula.
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