New AI Indirect Series Lab UHT/HTST Processor Equipment Usage & Applications

AI Indirect Series Lab UHT/HTST Processor Benefit Highlights

  • Ease-of-Use and Accuracy speeds product development and reduces development time
  • Extensive Automation reduces training needs and operation time
  • Extensive flexibility
    • Enables one machine to do the processes of multiple pilot processing machines
    • Enables products from juices to puddings to be made on one machine
  • Not just easy to use — Easy to Own!
    • Hygienic, durable design makes them easy to use and reduces downtime for maintenance
Development Series Processor
Atomo 3.0 Homogenizer
Ultra Clean Fill Hood

Insights of MicroThermics New AI Series Lab UHT/HTST Processor Equipment

Today’s market demands a wide range of Dairy and Plant-Based products, such as milks, protein shakes, yogurts, ice-cream, & desserts with long shelf lives. Properly formulated dairy products maintain their nutrition, flavor, and texture throughout many thermal processes with the help of in-line homogenization. In fact, pasteurized milk forms the basis for fermented products like yogurt and sour cream. In a similar context, there is a need to develop stable formulations for plant-based products.

As you know, plant-based ingredients come from different sources. This can make it difficult to develop stable formulations that yield the desired product identity after being thermally processed. This can be quite a hurdle for manufacturers of ingredients and finished products.

To overcome this, MicroThermics AI Series UHT/HTST lab processors enable developers to accurately process new formulas and move them from the lab directly to production quickly and easily.

What Products Can You Make on MicroThermics New AI Series Lab UHT/HTST Processing Lines?

  • Plant-Based & Dairy Milks
  • Protein shakes & Nutritional Supplements
  • Yogurts
  • Gravies/Cheese Sauces
  • Puddings
  • Teas, Coffee
  • Juices with & without pulp
  • Apple Sauces
  • Fruit Concentrates
  • Smoothies and more!

What Processes Can You Run on MicroThermics New AI Series Lab UHT/HTST Processing Lines?

  • UHT Processing
  • Low Acid Aseptic Processing
  • Available Up/Down Stream Homogenization
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL)
  • Continuous Cooking
  • Starch Hydration
  • HTST Processing
  • Hot-Fill with a without hold tube
  • Pasteurization
  • Ultra-Pasteurization
  • High Acid Aseptic Processing
  • Extended Shelf Life (ESL)
  • Custom Process


AI Series UHT/HTST Processor Equipment Features

  • Easy To Use AI Controls with
    • Process Alarms
    • Data Recording
    • Multiple Interactive Displays
  • Sanitary Design
  • Fast & Easy CIP Cleaning & SIP Sterilization
  • Process and Product Flexibility
  • Convenient Lab Bench Enclosure
  • Flow rates of .8-3 LPM

Top Benefits of AI Series UHT/HTST Processor Equipment

  • Fast, Easy, & Convenient to Use: MicroThermics’ new, easy-to-use, “AI Series” UHT/HTST lab processing lines dramatically reduce training needs and eliminate hours of equipment operation per day. With the push of a button, they automatically conduct:
    • Start-Up & SIP
    • Transition to product processing conditions
    • Then notify the operators that it is ready to process product
    • Once product processing is complete, CIP is easy with high CIP velocities, and CIP timers. Then a fully automated shut-down is conducted with the simple push of a button.
  • Ease-Of-Ownership: These processors are not just easy-to-use; they are truly easy-to-own. They feature durable, sanitary designs, automated set-up guides, intuitive touchscreen controls, and highly automated operations. Their automation and ease-of-use dramatically reduces training requirements. Their sanitary designs combined with the automation also eliminate hours of daily operation, leaving more time for processing! Most products are processed at approximately 1 LPM, but they can go as fast as 3 LPM. Thus, multiple batches can be processed every day. Finally, their durability means they require little downtime for maintenance. This ease of ownership, accuracy, and ability to process products at a wide range of conditions dramatically reduces R&D time and costs, and makes them invaluable R&D tools.
  • Process Flexibility: The AI Series Processors are capable of processing at both the HTST and UHT temperature ranges in a single processing line. These processes can include a wide range of associated unit operations such as Homogenization, and Ultra-Clean Filling.
  • Numerous Applications: Their unique design enables a wide range of products to be created, all on the same equipment, so there is no need to purchase multiple processors. You can use them to develop Dairy and Plant-Based products ranging from milks, protein shakes, beverages, juices, tea, coffee, yogurts, ice creams, nutritional supplements, and even cheese sauces and puddings.
    Our clients use them for:
  • Formula Qualification & Development
  • Ingredient Qualification
  • Taste Panel Sample Creation
  • Trade Show Samples Creation
  • Shelf-Life Studies
  • Other Custom & Basic Research
  • Process Accuracy: The process you use in the lab must match commercial conditions, or your products will not scale up to production, and your R&D time is wasted. MicroThermics specializes in process-matching and scaling up/down thermal processes. Our designs and flexibility can enable you to go from research directly to production, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Durability: The AI series UHT/HTST processors are highly durable. MicroThermics knows that in R&D, unexpected reactions occur. These reactions can create burn-on/fouling, pressure increases due to high viscosities, and other other extreme conditions. Our equipment is built to stand up to these types of unexpected events, unlike other processing equipment. This durability ensures a very long life, simple maintenance, and very little down-time.
  • Extended Warranty & Technical Support: The MicroThermics team provides
    • Extended warranties
    • Extensive technical support
    • Processing advice
    • Custom maintenance and support services
  • Available Options:  These processors are only 1 part of a complete laboratory processing line. For a full line, pair them with our options such as:
  • Custom hold tubes
  • Alternate heat exchanger styles
  • In-line homogenizers
  • Ultra-Clean Fill Hoods
  • Automatic Fill Controls
  • And more!
  • Mix/Batch Tanks
  • Custom sensor arrays
  • Custom unit operations
  • Aseptic Laboratory Fillers
  • Utility support
Get detailed insights into the products with easy displays with an intuitive interface. Our easy-to-use UHT/HTST lab processing line equipment saves time on multiple processes, allowing your whole R&D operations to run FASTER. You’ll get improved productivity in manufacturing and R&D, and a faster ROI on equipment.
Have Questions? Contact us today for more information about any of our equipment, services or trainings. MicroThermics serves the entire world with distributors in the United States, Europe, Thailand, and Japan. Special Discounts are available.

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