Processing Puddings & Sauces

Thick products present unique processing challenges. They may require special process considerations such as:

  • Long heating times to hydrate starches
  • Long hold times to ensure proper reduction of bacteria
  • High-pressure pumping capabilities
  • Warm filling temperatures to minimize pressure and ensure proper filling

Whether products are dairy or plant-based, distribution methods and product images determine how they must be processed. For example, many products have an image of high quality or fresh flavor. These are frequently pasteurized, or use an Extended Shelf-Life (ESL) process, and must be refrigerated.

Other products are meant to be convenient, require no refrigeration, and still provide high quality. These products are aseptically processed.

Both ESL and Aseptic processes are UHT processes. Therefore, they may use indirect or steam injection heating. In comparison, pasteurized products are processed under HTST conditions and use indirect heating.

Below is a guide to help you select what process best suits your product’s needs and what MicroThermics equipment or services can best help you in your R&D.

Commonly Used Processes for Juices & Beverages

MicroThermics Miniature Plant Trial Services

Let us do the processing work for you! We’ll even help you select and develop your process. Miniature Plant Trials are conducted at our facility where you can formulate and process products at conditions. With our Miniature Plant Trial Services, you can arrive with a concept and leave with a tested and proven formula.
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