In-Line Homogenizers From MicroThermics

About Our Homogenizers

Products are homogenized in-line to create stable emulsions, and to provide a smooth mouth-feel and consistency. Depending on your product and process, you will homogenize in different places, at different temperatures, and at different pressures. Where do you homogenize? Upstream? Downstream? Sometimes one and then the other? Somewhere else? That’s great because so do we! Our homogenizers are integrated with our processors so you can homogenize virtually anywhere in-line anytime.

MicroThermics’ research systems match production processes so accurately that you can go from the lab to production in one step. By rapidly producing production-quality samples, our systems substantially reduce your time to market, making your research more cost effective than any other method. In short, an investment in a MicroThermics’ system saves valuable time and money.


  • Dairy Milk and Flavored Milks
  • Plant-Based Milks like, Soy, Oat, Rice, Hemp
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Ice Creams and Other Dairy Products
  • Puddings, Cheese Sauces
  • And more!


  • Indirect UHT/Aseptic Processing
  • Steam Injection UHT/Aseptic Processing
  • HTST Pasteurization/Ultra-Pasteurization
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Continuous Cooking & Custom Processes

Features *

  • 3A Sanitary Design
  • Variable flow rates (matching process needs)
  • 400 and 600 bar models (higher if needed)
  • Customized and Integrated with MicroThermics Processors
  • * Options vary by model. Contact us for questions.
Atomo 3.0 Homogenizer Seen Above With Full Processing Line

Please feel free to Contact MicroThermics, Inc. for more information and queries regarding MicroThermics Processor Equipment. We have Special Discounts Available for our Customers and have our distributors in Europe, Thailand, and Japan. Email or Pick Up the phone and schedule a call for top-rated UHT/HTST/Aseptic Processing solutions.

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