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Processing Cannabis Drinks and Products

This new product category has the same considerations as any other product: its image and methods of distribution will determine the required process. However, developers must also make sure the product has the correct dosage of functional ingredients such as THC, CBD or another cannabinoid. These products may be high or low acid.


If the product’s pH is less than 4.6 it is high acid. High acid cannabis beverages can be processed like juices. The highest quality/freshest tasting products are normally pasteurized or processed for extended shelf life and then sold refrigerated. Other products are meant to be more convenient and not require refrigeration. These types of products are either aseptically processed or hot-filled. Below is a guide to help you select what process best suits your needs and how MicroThermics equipment or services can best help you in your R&D.

Commonly Used Processes for Juices & Beverages

MicroThermics Miniature Plant Trial Services

Let us do the processing work for you! We’ll even help you select and develop your process. Miniature Plant Trials are conducted at our facility where you can formulate and process products at conditions. With our Miniature Plant Trial Services, you can arrive with a concept and leave with a tested and proven formula.
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