Innovating Plant-Based Products


Unlock the secrets to successfully developing and processing plant-based milks and related products like beverages, yogurts, ice cream, and desserts. Learn about the unique challenges these products face, such as their lower heat stability and higher bacterial loads, and discover the best practices in formulation, processing, and production to ensure success. With three different registration times available, click below to choose the one that best fits your schedule. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise in the plant-based industry!

Webinar Details

Plant-based milks and related products may, in many ways, parallel dairy products. However, they are much less heat-stable than dairy-based products. They also frequently have higher incoming bacterial loads. Thus, they present unique formulation and processing challenges.

Improper pasteurization, Aseptic, or ESL processing of plant-based products guarantees failure in the lab and at the plant. Successfully developing and producing these products means accommodating their unique processing needs in both R&D and production.

Here, we take a high-level look at how these products differ from their dairy counterparts and how this affects:

  • Choice of process styles (Indirect vs. Steam Injection)
  • Process and Temperature Selection
  • Homogenization Location and Pressure Requirements
  • Trends in successful process & homogenization conditions

This will be a 30-minute presentation with a 30-minute Q&A period.

Eastern USA & Western Europe
February 27
9:30 AM EST

N. & S. America, & UK
February 27
11:00 AM EST

Australia, China, India,
Japan, Thailand, Singapore

February 28
10:00 PM EST

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