MicroThermics COVID-19 Information

MicroThermics has implemented special COVID policies and protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible, while continuing to provide the highest quality equipment, parts, and service. These policies are based on guidance from the CDC and other public health organizations. Specific policies for travel and visitors are listed here for your reference.


As a summary, our policies and protocols include:

  • Moving most of our staff to remote working and limiting staff in our facility to only those that must be on-site to do their job.
  • We are a fully masked facility
    • Everyone entering our facility must wear a mask at ALL times.
    • We provide masks.
  • Employees must fill out health screening twice per week to enter our facility.
  • We strongly encourage all staff to be fully vaccinated
    • We have a program to arrange, and provide time off, to be vaccinated.
  • Visitors Policy
    • All visitors must provide acceptable answers to our health screening.
    • Visitors are restricted to limited areas of our facilities.
    • We restrict visitors from areas that may be at high risk of the coronavirus.
    • On-Site visits from vendors are limited to only those absolutely necessary.
    • See full Visitor Policy below.
  • Controlling Travel
    • Before we travel, our destination client must provide acceptable answers to our travel policy questionnaire.
    • Destinations are reviewed for COVID risk. If in our opinion the destination or are we must travel through is too high a risk, we will not travel there.
    • See full Travel Policy below.
  • Intensified cleaning and sanitation procedures & increased frequency for our facility.
    • We have implemented special COVID sanitization protocols.
    • We provide sanitizer sprays and wipes to our staff to help keep their areas disinfected.
    • We have additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols for areas where visitors have been.
    • We have added hand sanitizer stations in our facility and provide hand sanitizer for our employees to use here and at home.
  • Reinforcing our sick policy
    • We have added flexibility and time to our PTO policy for COVID to make sure that our employees can stay home as needed without the fear of lost income.
  • Holding informational meetings with our employees regarding the coronavirus, how to prevent it from spreading, and how to most effectively protect ourselves.
  • No longer shaking hands-rather than shaking hands, we are using a courteous head nod.


These are just some of the actions we are taking to keep everyone safe. More details about our Visitor and Travel policies are below. If you have any questions about our policies and protocols, please contact David M. Miles at +1 919 345 7142.

Thank you, and Stay Safe!

MicroThermics COVID-19 Visitors Policy


MicroThermics COVID polices and protocols are based on CDC guidelines.  We have implemented them for the safety of our employees, families, visitors, and community to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For entry to our facility, all visitors:

  1. Must be necessary for business purposes.
  2. Must wear masks at all times in the facility.
  3. Must complete and submit current health screening to MicroThermics for evaluation.  MicroThermics management reserves the right to refuse entry, or rescind access to, the facility to anyone:
    1. Showing signs of illness
    2. Who, in their opinion, represents a risk due to infection, illness, or behavior
    3. Or based on answers provided to the health screening.
  4. Are restricted only to areas required for their visit.
  5. Must be accompanied by a MicroThermics employee at all times.
  6. May also be subject to additional screening measures including but not limited to body temperature readings.

Final Notes

  1. Failure to comply will result in the denial to enter or remain in our facility.
  2. MicroThermics will supply masks and any additional PPE we may require.
  3. Vendors managing inventory are subject to all requirements listed above.
  4. Janitorial services must be fully vaccinated and follow all above requirements except No. 6.

*Fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks or more past the current final dose of a recognized COVID-19 vaccine (i.e., 1st shot of J&J vaccine, or 2nd shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines).

These policies subject to updates based on changes in the pandemic.

MicroThermics COVID-19 Travel Policy


As our most recent update to COVID policies, we are now starting to allow travel.  This is great news comes due to the progress made on slowing the spread of COVID.

At this time, we are opening travel to specific company destinations such as to client or vendor locations as follows:

  1. Travel is to domestic destinations only.
  2. Client destinations must complete our travel screening to our satisfaction.
  3. MicroThermics can refuse or cancel a trip if in our opinion the destination, or circumstances for travel to the destination, including the area in which the destination is located becomes unsafe.
  4. MicroThermics staff can refuse to enter or remain in a facility if they are not comfortable with the protocols.
  5. MicroThermics’ staff must wear masks as follows:
    1. When traveling on communal means of transportation such as airplanes, trains, buses, shuttles, ride shares, taxis, etc.,
    2. When in public indoor spaces including stores, malls, restaurants, airports, train stations, etc.
    3. While on client’s site.
  6. Those traveling for MicroThermics on business should be vaccinated.
  7. Travel arrangements for MicroThermics staff will be made with the following principals:
    1. Air Travel and Rental Cars:  will be chosen that have best practices for COVID safety.
    2. Meals:  We strongly encourage take-out meals.  If eating at a restaurant, establishments using those with social distancing and strong COVID safety practices should be chosen, and we strongly recommend outdoor seating.
    3. Accommodations:  Hotel chains will be chosen based on best practices for COVID safety, location, and acceptable rates.

These policies subject to updates based on changes in the pandemic.

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