Remote Video Support

NEW! MicroThermics Face-To-Face Video Technical Services

  • UHT/HTST/Aseptic Process Equipment Support
  • Excellent Value!

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 makes keeping your equipment in proper condition difficult. This can hinder the progress of your R&D at a critical time. To address this we began offering our NEW face-to-face video Technical Services, and they have become extremely popular! Utilizing real- time streaming video, and a variety of supporting resources, we offer services including, tune-ups, repair assistance, troubleshooting, and custom services. They are being offered at significantly reduced rates, and have no travel expenses, making them a tremendous value!



  • Extremely good value due to current lower daily rate and no travel costs
  • Gets your equipment into proper condition to keep your R&D going smoothly
  • Provides detailed education and special insights into the equipment to your staff
  • Can prevent more expensive repairs
  • Can prevent expensive loss of R&D schedule due to unscheduled downtime