Remote Video Training

NEW! MicroThermics Face-To-Face Video Trainings

  • UHT/HTST/Aseptic Process Equipment Support
  • Excellent Value!

R&D can be difficult, especially with travel restrictions, staff losses or changes, and today’s daily distractions. Having trained operators is key to protecting the investment in your equipment, and to ensuring that your samples are processed quickly and correctly. Our new Face-To-Face Video Trainings keep your researchers and operators fully trained. Utilizing real-time streaming video, we offer:

  • Start-Up and Initial Trainings
  • New Operator Trainings
  • Refresher Trainings
  • Certified Operator Trainings
  • And Custom Topic Trainings

These hands-on trainings are an exception value. They are offered at initial low rates, have no travel expenses, and keep our clients R&D running smoothly even in these trying times.



  • Extremely good value due to current lower daily rate and no travel costs
  • Provides detailed education and special insights into the equipment to your staff
  • Protects your investment in MicroThermics’ equipment and your valuable R&D time
  • Can prevent expensive loss of R&D schedule due to operator errors.