Mail-In Plant Trials

NEW! MicroThermics Mail-In Miniature Plant Trials

  • UHT/HTST/Aseptic Processing
  • Quick, Easy & Cccurate R&D Processing
  • No Travel!  No Contact

Even during the pandemic, your R&D processing still needs to get done. Let MicroThermics do it for you in our FDA registered lab! Send us your ingredients. We will process your products, & overnight your samples back to you with process conditions and observations. Not sure of what process you need? Call us and let us develop the process with you! This is excellent for formula qualification, taste panels, tradeshow samples, proof of concepts, and more!

Contact us to get your processing done!



Our plant trial services integrate commercial style processes into your R&D, so you can bring your products to market quickly and easily.

  • Convenient and Easy to use-No Travel Required
  • Flexibility (Processes)-Wide range of processes in one easy to use line!
  • Flexibility (Products)-Process the widest range of products’
  • Accurate-commercial process accuracy means your products can go to production quickly and easily
  • Small batch requirements means we can process multiple batches/day

Process Flexibility

The following can all be done on this one line!

  • Homogenizer can be located anywhere in-line (upstream, downstream, anywhere!)
  • Ultra Clean-Fill Hood can be used with all processes to virtually eliminate contamination risk.


Indirect Processing

  • High Acid Aseptic Processing (HTST)
  • One and two stage HTST Pasteurization
  • Hot-Fill
  • Hot-Fill with Hold
  • Other Custom Processes
  • Low Acid Aseptic Processing (UHT)
  • Ultra-Pasteurization
  • Continuous Cooking
  • Starch Hydration

Example Products

  • Milk and Flavored Milks
  • Nutritional Supplements, Broths
  • Beverages
  • Shakes, Yogurts, & Ice Cream Mixes
  • Juices, Teas and Coffee
  • Puddings, Cheese Sauces, Sauces
  • Meal Replacements
  • And More!

Example Process Flow Diagrams