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MTI BioScience Is Born

There is growing use of MicroThermics systems in “Bioscience and Life Science” spaces (Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Biopharmaceutical, Microbial Media Production, Growth Media, Cannabis and others). In order to address the uses of MicroThermics in these new and unique emerging applications, we have created MTI BioScience LLC. MTI BioScience LLC is a separate company supporting the needs of these industries as a distributor of MicroThermics processors, support services and Miniature Plant Trial Services.

Within this space, we also receive inquiries from manufactures of CBD oils and THC. CBD is an extract from cannabis that is federally legal for certain applications, provided the THC content is less than 0.3%. However THC, another extract from Cannabis (marijuana) is not federally legal, although many states have legalized it (not including North Carolina). In light of these growing developments, MicroThermics policy is that:

  • We will not knowingly violate and federal or state laws.
  • We will not knowingly encourage our clients or vendors to violate any federal or state laws.

MTI BioScience will continue to focus and expand our business into this growing arenas. We will be monitoring legal approvals to ensure that we are in compliance with all laws and will participate in accordance with the policy statements above.