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Join us at the highly anticipated trade show IFT First in Chicago, where MicroThermics will be showcasing our cutting-edge processing equipment for 2023. IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) is a premier event that brings together industry professionals and experts from around the world to explore the latest innovations, trends, and solutions in the food and beverage industry.

At the MicroThermics booth, you will have the exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand their brand new processing equipment, designed to revolutionize the way food and beverage products are developed and manufactured. With a focus on precision and efficiency, MicroThermics’ state-of-the-art equipment is engineered to meet the diverse needs of the industry, from dairy and plant-based products to innovative formulations.

Don’t miss this chance to engage with our MicroThermics experts and learn how their advanced processing solutions can elevate your product development and production capabilities. Visit their booth at IFT First in Chicago and discover the future of food processing today.

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