Continuous Thermal Process Development

In the Biotechnical and Pharmaceutical Industries, many of our clients are not familiar with the application of continuous thermal processing to their sterilization and pasteurization needs. That’s OK. They don’t need to be. We have more than 20 years of process development experience. We can develop a process that fills your needs.


Process Matching Service And Thermal Process Consulting

We specialize in the scaling up and down of: UHT, HTST and other continuous thermal processes. With our Process Matching Service, and our Thermal Process Consulting we work closely with you to analyze your production process so that we can match it in your lab. Often, this is done before a processor is purchased so that if necessary, we can customize your processor, or even design a custom processor for you. However, we also offer this type of service for clients who already have our equipment so that we can advise them as to how to use their equipment to best simulate their unique production processes. This unique service is not available anywhere else, and enables you to truly take advantage of the technical and financial benefits of our equipment.


Thermal Process Seminars

We also offer Thermal Process Seminars. As experts in the field, MicroThermics speaks at many different educational forums, technical seminars, and short courses. In addition, we offer seminars directly to our clients ranging from basic thermal process concepts, to high level thermal process evaluation methods.


Traditional And Not So Traditional Support

Of course, we also offer traditional services such as:

    • Training
    • Technical support
    • Phone
    • Real-time web connection to processor available on most models*
    • Preventative maintenance programs
    • Tune-ups and repairs

*Ask about our ability to connect directly to your processor via the web for real-time troubleshooting and support!

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